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Easy to lay Victorian mosaic patterns by post. Black and White Victorian Mosaics. Chequerboard Tiles. Black and White Chequer. Original Victorian Mosaic Designs. Blue and White Chequer. Black and white hallways. Black and white paths. Black and white pathways. Victorian path tiles. Floor tiles. Victorian chequer tiles. Chessboard tiles. Victorian chessboard tiles. Original chequerboard tiles. Advice on design and colour. Tiles made in France and patterns built in our British workshop.

Complete instructions for the fitting and finishing of our beautiful, affordable mosaic floors. Frost resistant, heat resistant non-slip, hard wearing, vibrant original colours.

Technical Info

Mosaics direct to your door · 25 years experience · Victorian and contemporary designs · sheeted mosaic system · European quality, film-faced panels

Victorian Floor Tile Technical Information

Our mosaics are European made with a matt, smooth surface - they have square edges and are sheeted by us with narrow grout joints.

The quality of our mosaics is higher than the far eastern equivalents which have rounded or bevelled edges, a rough surface and wide grout joints.

We supply the mosaics as film faced panels rather than mesh backing them which can weaken the tile bond in the cement.

European Quality

Our mosaics are made in Europe using the dust pressed method from porcelain clays. These very durable, water/frost proof tiles are fine grained, matt and smooth surfaced with a PEI rating of 4.

The mosaics have square edges and are sheeted by us with narrow grout joints. Not to be confused with the far eastern mosaics with rounded edges, rough surface and wide grout joints - these tiles are also often mesh backed which means that not all of the mosaic makes contact with the cement when it is laid.

Ready-to-lay mosaic panels

Our sheeted mosaics are all made in the studio to order. The chequer designs are sheeted as panels of 6 tiles x 6 tiles (30.5cm square) with a narrow 1 to 2mm grout joint. The rectangles for the border and triangles for the main designs and chequers are all hand cut. 

The panels are faced with a clear flexible adhesive film. This allows for very easy handling and fast fixing:

  • strong yet easy to remove
  • protects the face of the mosaics whilst being laid
  • allows for complete adhesion and a stronger bond
  • enables the tiler to see how each sheet is adhering to the cement bed
  • ensures the face of the tile is protected before grouting
victorian floor tiles

Triangles to finish the edges of the chequer patterns are included in the square metre price.

Narrow 1 to 2mm spacing between the tiles gives an authentic Victorian mosaic appearance.

Tile size:

  • 5cm (50mm) square and 5mm thick

Panel size:

  • chequer is sheeted as 30.5cm square panels
  • 10.75 panels per square metre
We now have a beautifully restored Victorian path, which has greatly improved the look of our house. I was very impressed with the service - the team were happy to answer any queries that I had over the telephone, and were always helpful and friendly.
— Katharine T. London, N4 March 2016

Ready-to-lay borders

Once the main pattern has been laid the border can be fitted. The border design is hand cut and sheeted by us in the workshop & supplied in rectangular sections for easy handling and efficient fixing.

Diamond and zig-zag borders include individual film faced corner sections in the price. These corner sections further speed up the laying of the border around the main pattern.

The outer black line border is supplied as whole 5cm x 5cm tiles and will usually need to be cut to size by your tiler.  Inner border lines are supplied sheeted as 2.5cm x 5cm tiles. Additional single lines of border can be supplied as required.


Our black and white tiles are the most popular but we have many other colours available. Visit our colour palette page to view our whole range.

Laying the mosaics

The mosaic panels are laid onto a trowelled bed of cement and the transparent film is easily removed once the cement is set

Triangles are included with the chequer patterns to finish the edges - this saves the tiler's time cutting mosaics on site.

The outer finishing edge of the mosaic pathway or hallway will usually require black tiles to be cut to fit. Your tiler can do this or we can supply for a small extra cost.

Instructions details

Detailed instructions for fitting the sheeted mosaics are included on this site - see  tile blog

Delivery times

Orders take 5-10 working days to complete, they are then sent out by next day delivery


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