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Easy to lay Victorian mosaic patterns by post. Black and White Victorian Mosaics. Chequerboard Tiles. Black and White Chequer. Original Victorian Mosaic Designs. Blue and White Chequer. Black and white hallways. Black and white paths. Black and white pathways. Victorian path tiles. Floor tiles. Victorian chequer tiles. Chessboard tiles. Victorian chessboard tiles. Original chequerboard tiles. Advice on design and colour. Tiles made in France and patterns built in our British workshop.

Complete instructions for the fitting and finishing of our beautiful, affordable mosaic floors. Frost resistant, heat resistant non-slip, hard wearing, vibrant original colours.

Wolf Hall - Zig zag Border - black

Wolf Hall - Zig Zag Border - Black

black and white victorian mosaic floor tiles


The easiest way to check the quantity of mosaic you need or place your order is to contact us 

01736 364877

Wolf Hall - black & white £130/m2
  • The face of the mosaics are sheeted with clear film, strong yet easy to remove
  • A wide range of colour options
  • Select from a range of borders to complete your mosaic
  • For help with ordering contact us
  • Prices start from half square metre
  • Mosaic tiles are 5cm square & 5mm thick
  • The mosaics are sheeted into panels 254x254mm and there are 15.5 panels per square metre
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black and white victorian mosaic floor tiles
Zig Zag - Black - Two Lines- Per Linear Metre
  • The inner (right hand) black line is supplied as 2.5 x 5cm rectangles.
  • The outer (left hand) black line is supplied as whole 5x5cm tiles so that the tiler can cut them to the required width on site.
  • If you prefer the outer line to be supplied as 2.5 x 5cm rectangles, as per the graphic, we can do this for an additional £2 per linear metre.
  • The border lines are sheeted separately for ease of laying.
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