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Easy to lay Victorian mosaic patterns by post. Black and White Victorian Mosaics. Chequerboard Tiles. Black and White Chequer. Original Victorian Mosaic Designs. Blue and White Chequer. Black and white hallways. Black and white paths. Black and white pathways. Victorian path tiles. Floor tiles. Victorian chequer tiles. Chessboard tiles. Victorian chessboard tiles. Original chequerboard tiles. Advice on design and colour. Tiles made in France and patterns built in our British workshop.

Complete instructions for the fitting and finishing of our beautiful, affordable mosaic floors. Frost resistant, heat resistant non-slip, hard wearing, vibrant original colours.

Before & After Gallery

Mosaics direct to your door · 25 years experience · Victorian and contemporary designs · sheeted mosaic system · European quality · view our before and after gallery of mosaic pathways


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We all love a before and after project. Please see below how our designs and tiles have transformed pathways, hallways and more.  If you are after anything similar to these projects we offer a design service where we can help you choose the right design for your project.

PROJECT 1 - Clapham, SW11
Pair of Black and White Mosaic Tiled Paths 

victorian path tiles

Old pathways in Clapham, London, SW11 to be rebuilt with black and white mosaic.  This is how the pathways looked before the rebuild.  The original mosaics had been lost and covered with red quarry tiles.

The brief was to dig up the existing, lay new concrete base and fit black and white mosaic pathways.  Matching 5cm mosaic to also be laid in the porches.

The clients additionally wanted York stone porch steps and gate thresholds.

victorian path tiles

The finished double pathways in Stormont Rd. Clapham, London, SW11.   Black and white mosaic in 5cm format was also used for the porch steps with bullnosed York stone edges and decorative metal air vents for the risers to the porches. 

The black and white chequer mosaic is surrounded by a black diamond border

York stone porch step with black & white mosaics to match the path and York stone threshold at the gate end.

PROJECT 2 - Beckwith Road, Dulwich SE24
New Black & White Mosaic  Front Pathway

victorian path tiles

The brief was to lay a new black and white mosaic path.   We have supplied and fitted many mosaic pathways in the Dulwich, SE23 and SE24 areas.

victorian path tiles

Black and white mosaic with black diamond border and red lines. York stone edging bricks with a rounded bullnose top were also supplied and fitted by us.

PROJECT 3 - Putney, London SW15
Black & White Mosaic Treads and Marble Risers

victorian path tiles

Over the last twenty five years we have supplied and installed many mosaic pathways and hallways in Putney, Barnes and Richmond.  

victorian path tiles

This black and white mosaic, in 5cm format, has a two line border.  The white line was a special order to be supplied at 1.7cm wide instead of 2.5cm. This creates an even finer white pencil line effect which was perfect for the narrow step treads.

PROJECT 4 - Wandsworth, London SW18
Reinstating New Black & White Tiled Path to the front of a Victorian House 

victorian path tiles

The steps up to the door were of different heights so needed to be redesigned to incorporate an additional step. The black & white mosaics reproduce the original design to include a red diamond border with black lines.

victorian path tiles

This project was in Montholme Road, London, SW11 and we often supply our sheeted mosaics to Clapham, SW4, Battersea, SW11 and Wandsworth, SW18

PROJECT 5 - Dulwich, SE24
Remodelling of a Victorian Frontage To Include New Black & White Path 

victorian path tiles

This project was in East Dulwich, London, SE22 and the brief was to redesign the frontage to incorporate a new black and white mosaic pathway with York stone steps and brickwork . Once the old steps, path & brickwork had been removed the new steps could be built and the York stone threshold and screed for the path laid.

victorian path tiles

Kelmore Grove, London, SE22   This is a 5cm black and white chequer with two line border - white line with black to the edges.  With our sheeted system the black and white mosaics are supplied in panels of 30.5cm x 30.5cm and the border lines are sheeted separately. This makes for fast and accurate laying.